Zigaboo Modeliste with Vulpeck

After I typed that title it occurred to me that some (if not most) people will have no idea what the heck those names are.

Well, my young drummers, if you don't know Zig, you should check him out. He's been one of THE funkiest drummers on the planet since the 1960s.

And Vulpeck? Oh I dig me some Vulpeck. They're a bunch of young guns that groove their collective asses off. I'm not even gonna try to describe them. You're online. Go find 'em. This short video though, with Zig sitting in is a drum clinic all by itself. Dig it. Then go 'head and dig it again.

Eric Hassler

About Eric Hassler

Eric Hassler is a Phoenix-based drummer, drum teacher, super-dad, and all around heck-of-a-nice guy. You should give him a shout.