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Emmannuelle Caplette Stick Control Exercise

This is a fantastic exercise for drummers of any level. The pattern is simple and easy to remember, but playing your single and double strokes evenly as you push the click can be challenging. Emmannuelle’s technique is beautiful. She makes it look easy.

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Sextuplets with Juan Carlito Mendoza

Juan Carlito is a monster drummer and great educator. Here he takes a paradiddle-diddle and orchestrates it in an interesting way. It’s not likely you’d ever play this in a song, but it’s a great exercise in independence and requires clean doubles on your toms and kick. Fun stuff. Take some time and check it…

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2017 Carolina Crown Snares

I still geek out over marching bands and drum corps. There are tons of videos on YouTube featuring drum lines from various corps and marching bands, but RARELY do they provide a transcription! Try to follow along, I dare ya. Or just enjoy the music. 🙂

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