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Stanton Moore RRLRRLRL Concept

Stanton Moore… so loose, so funky, plays drums with his whole body. I can’t help but think of him as a groovy Rick Moranis though! Sorry Stanton. Anyway, I’m posting this particular video (again, these are primarily for me), because I’ve never used this sticking. Ever. I’m more comfortable playing RLLRLLRL. But tapping this on…

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Smooth triplet lick from Mike Johnston

Mike Johnston is one of my favorite instructors and is a major source of inspiration for me as a drummer and a teacher. If you don’t have a local drum teacher, I can definitely recommend Mike’s online lessons, which are great for drummers of all levels.

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Dave DiCenso – De-Mystifying Rudiments & Applications (DRUMEO)

Here’s an excellent (and lengthy) lesson featuring the six-stroke roll in some interesting ways. Dave DiCenso is an absolutely awe-inspiring drummer and a teacher. I love this guy. And you gotta love DRUMEO for offering these clips for free and including the lesson notation (5 pages!). I’ll be working on this stuff for quite a…

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