Big Kid Independence Exercise with Mike Johnston

I’m a big fan of Mike Johnston, and I’m actually a subscriber on his lessons site. Mike has great material there for all ages and levels, even old dogs like me. I saw this today and decided I just HAVE to try this later when I get some practice time. Give it a go!

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Chris Prescott’s 3 Birds With 1 Stone – Optimize Your Practice Time

Here’s a worthy piece from Chris Prescott for Modern Drummer’s “Strictly Technique” section. It’s not complicated; what appeals to me is switching the backbeat exclusively to the right hand. I can do it, but it feels awkward, which means I need to practice it!  I highly recommend checking out the complete article and notation here… …then…

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Coordination Exercise from Drumeo

Drumeo posts some great videos. They are definitely one of my favorite follows. Here’s a relatively simple drum set coordination exercise for beginning/intermediate players. You could easily spend hours applying this concept in different ways around the drums. Have fun!

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