Big Kid Independence Exercise with Mike Johnston

I’m a big fan of Mike Johnston, and I’m actually a subscriber on his lessons site. Mike has great material there for all ages and levels, even old dogs like me. I saw this today and decided I just HAVE to try this later when I get some practice time. Give it a go!

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4 Note Kill Shot with Stephen Taylor

I’ve only recently discovered Steven Taylor, and I really dig his positive attitude and no-nonsense style of teaching. He’s quickly becoming a role model for me, for both my own playing and teaching. The takeaway from this video is how we can take a very simple combination and, with a little creativity, turn it into…

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Dave DiCenso – De-Mystifying Rudiments & Applications (DRUMEO)

Here’s an excellent (and lengthy) lesson featuring the six-stroke roll in some interesting ways. Dave DiCenso is an absolutely awe-inspiring drummer and a teacher. I love this guy. And you gotta love DRUMEO for offering these clips for free and including the lesson notation (5 pages!). I’ll be working on this stuff for quite a…

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