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Emmanuelle Caplette’s Paradiddle-diddles and Paradiddles

Two in a row of Emmanuelle Caplette? Really dude?! Yes, really. Practically everything Emmanuelle posts is fun and immediately accessible to drummers of any level. And her technique is phenomenal, so watch carefully. Plus, I’m posting these things mainly for myself anyway, because they totally float my boat!

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Emmanuelle Caplette’s Cool Hertas Drill

Emmanuelle Caplette playing some hertas and double-stroke triplets. What a cool drill. I’ve been playing this for a few weeks now. Not quite at her tempo, but getting there. It’s my “go to” steering wheel rhythm when my turn signal is on. 🙂 If you want to give it a try and need the notation,…

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Emmannuelle Caplette Stick Control Exercise

This is a fantastic exercise for drummers of any level. The pattern is simple and easy to remember, but playing your single and double strokes evenly as you push the click can be challenging. Emmannuelle’s technique is beautiful. She makes it look easy.

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